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Retired Show & Breeder Ferrets For Adoption

Unfortunately, as it is with most larger breeders, I cannot keep all of my retired kids. If I did, I would soon run out of room and time, both for breeding and for the shelter. Therefore, the kindest and most responsible thing to do is retire these wonderful ferrets to homes that will spoil them rotten and give them the retirement they deserve.

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Retired Boys For Adoption



Chazz was born in 2003 from our litter with Mileena and Fivel. He's a very playful and energetic dark sable boy with a lot of spunk and character. I would consider placing him as a breeder if provided with sufficient references (his adoption fee would be $25 higher if this is the case).

Adoption fee: $75.00

Retired Girls For Adoption



Sethra was born in 2002 and has German and New Zealand bloodlines. She's a big girl, almost 3 lbs, and quite the snuggler.

Adoption Fee: $75.00



Hazel is a very nice dark sable girl from Mileena and Fivel. She was born in 2003, and is a littermate to Chazz. Hazel must be placed as a pet - she is unsuitable for breeding due to the fact that she cannibalized her litter this year. While she doesn't want to be a mom, she's a great little girl otherwise and loves to play and cuddle. She's also very good with other ferrets.

Adoption Fee: $75.00



Rosie is a nice champagne girl. She gets along well with other ferrets and is quite playful. She was born in 2003.

Adoption Fee: $75.00



Ariel was born in 2001. She's a very pretty heavy silver with some muttly markings (she has a bib and white toes and knee patches). Ariel is a little picky about who she consider's her ferrety friends, so she may be better in a single ferret household, or one where she could be kept separate if necessary.

Adoption fee: $50.00



Kyra was born in 2002. She's a very nice albino girl who gets along well with other ferrets (and people too!). She'd be a great addition to any ferret household.

Adoption fee: $75.00

All retired ferrets are adopted with a spay/neuter contract unless otherwise indicated, though most are altered before placement. Adoption fees include a current distemper vaccine, ADV test and health check by my vet.