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Our Policies & Prices

These are my current policies on adopting shelter ferrets and buying one of my privately bred kits.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

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The Great Debate About Shipping...

There are many ferret breeders and shelters that do not ship. Currently, there are very few airlines that will even ship animals. As a result of this, and some of the horror stories I've heard about airline treatment of animals, I limit the amount of shipping that I do.

There is absolutely NO shipping of shelter ferrets. You must come to the shelter to adopt or meet me at a ferret event.

Privately bred kits will be shipped ONLY under the following circumstances:

1) There is no way that the new owner can come to my home or meet me at a ferret event, and all other means of transport (such as Ferrets Across America or like organizations) have been exhausted.

2) You are a reputable breeder with references that I may check.

3) You have paid the entire purchase price of the kit at the time of shipping.

4) You are willing to pay for the necessary items needed to ship, prior to shipping (health certificate, travel carrier, rabies vaccination tag, as well as the actual price of shipping).

5) You will be prompt in picking up your ferret at the airport and will maintain contact with me throughout the shipping process. This involves calling me if the plane is late, if you're late, and at the very least, a phone call letting me know that the plane arrived safely and that the ferret is now in your possession and is ok.

In addition to the shipping information, it is important that new owners (either adoptors of shelter ferrets or new kit owners) know the following information:

1) All ferrets here are ADV and ECE free. My vet does a complete health screening prior to sale or adoption.

2) All ferrets are current on their distemper vaccinations at the time of sale or adoption. Rabies vaccinations are the responsibility of the new owner.

3) All privately bred kits come with a full health guarantee. Shelter ferrets come with a general health guarantee, and I will make the new owners aware of any pre-existing health concerns such as adrenal disease or insulinoma. Since I do not know the full history of shelter ferrets (only what humane societies and private owners tell me when they surrender), I cannot offer a full health guarantee on shelter kids.

4) All shelter ferrets are spayed or neutered at the time of adoption. Privatley bred kits are sold with a spay/neuter contract that must be strictly adheared to, unless you're a reputable breeder that I've been in contact with regarding adding one of my kits to an established breeding program.

5) I do NOT sell to pet stores, ferret farms or research facilities. If you are an agent of such, DO NOT EVEN WASTE MY TIME. My ferrets are for private pet owners and reputable breeders ONLY.

6) I reserve the right to refuse sale or adoption of ANY ferret or ferrets for whatever reason without refund of deposit. Also, all new potential owners for shelter ferrets and kits alike MUST fill out an adoption application to send in with their deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

All that having been said, if you have questions or concerns, please email me.


I pride myself on complete satisfaction of the new owners I adopt or sell to.  However, I do also realize that sometimes things just don't work out for one reason or another.  This is why I offer and 100% no questions asked return policy.  Here is an outline of my policies for both shelter ferrets and privately bred kits.
Shelter ferrets are adopted with a 30 day return.  If within 30 days the ferret you adopt is not what you were looking for, doesn't like your other ferrets, etc. you may return it to me, no questions asked.  There is a $25.00 deposit required to hold a ferret, so if you return a shelter ferret, you will receive the complete adoption fee back, minus the $25.00 deposit.  Understand, I do not refund this $25.00 because in the time you've had the ferret(s), there may have been other people that could've adopted it (them).  After 30 days, you may still return the ferret(s), but no refund will be made.  If multiple ferrets are adopted, you must return all of the ferrets, not just one or two.  I don't separate families.
Just like shelter ferrets, if the ferret is returned within 30 days, you are entitled to a full refund minus a $25.00 holding deposit.  No questions asked. 
If anything happens (life circumstances, etc) where you are not able to keep the ferret, it reverts to being my property.  My privately bred kits are not to be taken to a shelter or given away without my knowledge so that I may check into where they are going.  I will gladly take back any kit that I have bred for any reason.
Privately bred kits are sold with a full health guarantee.  If your vet finds a health problem that is found to be some fault of mine (be it inherited or otherwise), I will do all that I can to make it right.  You may be entitled to have your choice of a full refund (including deposit) or another kit of equal breeding.  This guarantee is to the original buyer only, is good for 3 years, and only includes major health concerns such as ADV, ECE, adrenal disease, insulinoma, juvinille lymphosarcoma, juvinille cataracts that cause blindness, etc.  Each case is handled individually, depending on the nature of the illness or disease.


Prices for ferrets vary depending on whether or not the ferret is a shelter ferret, a privately bred kit, or a retired breeder/show ferret. Retired ferrets have all adoption fees listed with the ferret's description on their respective page. The following is a list of prices for both shelter ferrets and privately bred kits.

Shelter Ferrets

Ferrets 8 wks - 2 yrs of age: $100.00
Ferrets 2 yrs - 5 yrs of age: $75.00
Ferrets 5 yrs of age and older: $50.00

A $25.00 discount is offered to those who adopt 2 or more ferrets. This same discount also applies to those who are adopting a ferret with special needs, such as a recovering adrenal, insulinoma, reformed biter, etc.

Privately Bred Kits

Kit prices range depending on bloodline, color, gender, show career of parents, etc. These prices should serve as a general guideline ONLY. Rest assured, if you reserve a baby, you will know well in advance what to expect in terms of cost.

HEAVY FOREIGN BLOODLINES (50% foreign blood or higher from one foreign source in the pedigree):

- $225 for females, $275 for males

- $25 extra for a rare color/pattern (such as mitt, mutt, WWDE, red sable, red cinnamon (mahogany), blue silvers, blazes, pandas)

- $25 extra for championship lines

LIGHT FOREIGN BLOODLINES (less than 50% of any number of foreign bloodlines, i.e. no one bloodline has 50% or greater in the pedigree)

- $175 for females, $225 for males

- $25 extra for a rare color/pattern (such as mitt, mutt, WWDE, red sable, red cinnamon (mahogany), blue silvers, blazes, pandas)

- $25 extra for championship lines

Some kits have a starting price of $125-$150. These are usually kits intended to be pets only (undesirable for breeding or showing), have very light foreign lines, or whose parents are not show champions, or have common colors/patterns such as sables and albinos.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:


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