Legion of Superferrets of Iowa & Black Dragon Ferretry & Shelter

Black Dragon's Jills

Meet the girls!  All of our ladies have "personality PLUS!"  Most have stolen some top awards, but all have stolen our hearts.

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HFLR's Faye Valentine of BD


We call Faye our Siamese With Knees...she's a gorgeous siamese pattern, but with 2 big white knee patches (which you can't see in this picture). We paired her with Junior in late 2004 and had some gorgeous kits that I'm very impressed with, and we will definitely repeat this breeding in 2005. (Hint: If you want to see these babies, we kept 2 - see BD's Cowboy Bebop and BD's Char's Back In Black Velvet)
BD's Cowboy Bebop


Bebop is one of our keepers from Faye & Junior's litter in November of '04, and she is a spunky little one to be sure! She's a very nice black mitt that didn't do too bad for her first show in March...she also made Grand Champion, but didn't get the trophies her sister did. Bebop took 6th in Mitt, 3rd in Female Kit and 5th in Judge's Cup.

BD's Char's Back In Black Velvet


Charlene is what we feel to be the reincarnation of our Superior Grand Champion, CF Charlotte of Black Dragon. She's just as black (if not more so), and has our previous Char's spitfire attitude to boot! She was just born in November '04 to Junior & Faye, so she just started her show carreer this March - and WOW...did she ever follow in her cousin's footsteps! Charlene won Best Female Kit, Best Black Sable and BEST IN SHOW!! Another Grand Champion...at only 17 weeks of age!!

Black Dragon's Sparkling Diamond

Called "exquisite" by one LOS National judge, this picture of "Satine" does NOT do her justice.  This litte girl is the daughter of PCF Heart of Independence of BD and another of our Superior Grand Champions, Black Dragon Powderkeg.  She is the granddaughter of our original two ferrets, Q and Jedi.  At her first show, she made LOS history by winning the Cinnamon ring, all 3 rings of Judge's Cup and went Judge's Cup Best In Show.  She wasn't even a year old when she became a Grand Champion.

Lady Imajica of BD


Imajica is a very nice red cinnamon girl new to us in 2005. As a judge, I would like her head to be a little rounder, but she makes up for the shortcoming with color and personality plus! We have bred her with Harley Bear of DF - kits are due the 3rd week in September!

BD's Aliera of Dragons


Aliera is the one and only kit born to Spike and Arwen in 2004. At the bare minimum age of 16 weeks, though, she made her entrance into the show world with a bang by taking Best Female Kit In Show at the LOS National event in September of the same year. She's a very pretty little siamese girl and we're anxious to see how she builds on this impressive start.

HFLR's Princess Jasmine of BD


Jasmine is definitely what her show name implies - a princess. She's a pretty little siamese girl, but with an extra cute stripe of white on her throat that sets her aside from the other sable girls. Her favorite thing? Curling up in the play tubes and taking a nap.

BD's Heart of the Jedi


This is Obi-Wan's sister, Padme. Just like her brother, she's a very special baby, born to a line very near and dear to my heart (she's the 4th generation from my original "Jedi" line). Padme is a dark sable muttly girl, and if you look at her nose, it's only half colored! She also has knee patches and a crooked bib, but my motto is the muttlier, the better! Like her brother, Padme is very personable and loves to be held. Her parents are BD's Vicious Fallen Angel and BD's Sparkling Diamond.

BD's The Wizard's Rose


This is the only surviving kit born to BD's Vicious Fallen Angel and HFLR's Raiden of BD. Her name is Nimue. She's a very stocky little girl, and we're anxious to see what she grows into. Like all the kits this year, she'll start what we hope to be a promising show career this fall.

Currently Not Pictured (But soon will be!):

DF Nevan Electric Skyy of BD (heavy silver mutt)

HFLR's Raiden of BD


You can't really tell from this picture, but Mz. Raiden is a very lovely chocolate siamese. She took 1st place in the Chocolate Specialty last year at the LOS National show, and she repeated history again this year, taking her 2nd consecutive 1st in this ring. We're also planning to breed her with with Vicious (BD's Vicious Fallen Angel - see the Hob's Page) in the hopes that we can get some gorgeous chocolates and chocolate mitts.

CPF's Lady Jaguara of BD


Jaguara is new to our breeding program in 2005. She's a very nice little black mitt girl who will be starting her show carreer at the LOS September '05 show. We'll keep you posted on her progress!

DF's Sorsha of Black Dragon


Sorsha is also new to our ferretry in 2003.  She's a gorgeous little cinnamon girl who will, no doubt, give Satine a run for her money at the 2004 LOS National show.  I loved this litter so much that I also took a boy!  You can see Sorsha's brother, Da'an, on our hob page.

DF's My Sharona of BD


Sharona is from our old Scottish line which started with TPP Princess Kitana (this is her granddaughter!). She's a very stocky little sable girl with a lot of spunk!

BD's Bonnie Lays Over The Ocean of LOSN


Bonnie is a very nice chocolate girl from TPP Princess Kitana of BD and DF Madmartigan of BD. She is Sharona's mom. Bonnie has come back to us from LOSN for breeding in 2006, after which she will retire back to her home in Pennsylvania.

HFLR's Warrior Princess Eowyn of BD


Eowyn is full sister to our big 'bino boy, Spike. She's also very hefty for a jill, weighing in at about 3 1/2 lbs. She's got a very sweet nature, but is also extremely playful and full of spunk when she chooses to turn it on!

DF's Lunar Flower of BD


Cheza is a niece to our Dante (BD's Devil May Cry) and Spike & Eowyn. She's another hefty little girl (quite the butterball, actually), and very fluffy and sweet. Cheza is also quite the diva, and MUST be the center of attention.

DF's Sonya Blade of BD


Sonya is our 100% full Canadian girl. She's quite stocky and well built, and her personality is top notch, something that I don't find all that often in Canadian stock. She loves romping with the other ferrets and snoozing in her hammock...her other favorite activity? Eating.

CPF's Venomous Poison of BD


We call her Venom because she's so intoxicating! This is a lovely little silver girl who stole our hearts from the minute we laid eyes on her. Venom is full of energy and is quite the prima donna...she fits in well with Satine and Raiden who think the world revolves around them. She has a Welsh bloodline, something that we've been looking to add, and a super personality and structure that we're hoping she passes to her kits.

BD's Jedi Mara Jade


This is Padme and Obi's other sister, Mara Jade. Another lovely temperament and playful nature, but I expect nothing less from Satine's babies. Mara is not quite as muttly as her sister, and she may turn out to be a point or fine point as she matures, so rest assured...I will update their pics! All of Satine's youngsters will start their show careers this fall.